After the Second World War, the immigration of Arabs to the United States of America began, in the beginning of the sixties the immigration of Arabs increased more, and the migration of Arabs was an adventure.

Most of the immigrants at that time were from the Levant region, meaning Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, and most of their migration was to Chicago and other American cities. 

Male immigrants came to America prior to bring their family for safety and protection reasons to work and prepare the way for their families. Most of the reasons for migration were poverty and the frequent wars in the Middle East. 

In a very large way, in the year 2000, the Yemeni migration began, in 2010 the Syrian immigration began, and Arab are still immigrating to the United States of America despite all the difficult circumstances they face before and after immigration. 

Upon their arrival to America they require help to find housing, jobs and many other directions despite the existence of many associations in the United States of America except that we established our Arab American Community Center to help those in need.